This month, our main interview is with Siobhan Blackwell FCCA, vice president in trading business management at TD Securities. She explains how climbing some of the world’s biggest mountains has given her important life lessons in building her career, and discusses the challenges involved in balancing family life with the demands of the workplace.

‘Doing the right thing’ has become a hot topic in the current uncertain economic climate. We take a look at how the Big Four are meeting the need for transparency when providing tax planning advice, and consider how they are addressing growing concerns over ethical behaviour amid the fallout from exam cheating scandals at some of the firms.  

We also have an article examining whether changing the culture within financial services demands more than a ‘tick-box’ approach to new legislation, and consider how to encourage senior managers to take individual accountability for their actions.

And in our careers section, Dr Rob Yeung looks at the personality traits of those who are most likely to be destined for the C-suite. Do you have what it takes to get noticed and put in charge? We also find out whether taking time out and having a career gap in your CV enhances or hinders your employability.   

Finally, don’t forget to sign up for our virtual Accounting for the Future conference, to earn up to 15 free CPD units. This year’s event runs from 29 November to 1 December.

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