Companies that have embraced ESG principles in recent years have enjoyed higher revenues, stronger profits growth, better customer retention and greater access to finance, according to research by Moore Global.

The study, which included 1,262 large companies from eight major economies, found that those focusing on ESG over the past three years are growing sales at twice the rate of those that are not as committed, with revenues increasing almost 10% in that time.

Furthermore, if all companies in the surveyed countries adopted ESG at the same level, the uplift is estimated to be worth US$4trillion.

Other findings include

‘To compete with bigger players, SMEs can replicate the principles of ESG and enjoy similar benefits around recruitment and retention as well as seeing financial uplift,’ says Moore Global sector lead for ESG, Mary Tressel.

‘ESG has been viewed in some quarters as a "nice to have" but this study reveals the impact for adoption – on finances, human resources and brand influence.'