Coding was my passion when I was young and I originally intended to study computing. But on a visit to the UK I met an FCCA who owned an accounting firm in London and that conversation inspired me to become an accountant. I researched ACCA and found it is a prestigious qualification all around the world.

Studying accountancy took me out of my comfort zone. I had little knowledge of the subject, but I was determined to become a professional accountant. I qualified in 2010 – an incomparable feeling. Changing my career choice was tough, but I don’t regret it now, although I would be a software developer if I didn’t work in finance.

I’d like to build a flexible accounting system for the non-financial manager

I started out in audit at a small firm in London, UK. I then spent a couple of years at a member firm of Baker Tilly International in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It gave me my biggest career achievement to date, which was automating a business’s audit working file at a time, in 2013, when few businesses in Bangladesh were using audit software.

I then decided to see how accounting works in the corporate world, and in 2014 moved to Accenture to lead a team of 28 managing a major project. It was a very interesting experience as we faced new challenges and had to make more decisions. It was a good preparation for my move to Qatar Airways. After four years in Doha, I was seconded to Finland as finance supervisor before taking on my current role back in Doha.

Finance managers do a key job in aligning the business’s financial and operational growth. Accountants working in the corporate world are real warriors, playing a vital role in running companies.

What I enjoy most about my job is financial analysis, looking closely at finance processes and developing models to improve them. IT skills are vital to my role.

IT is also my hobby. I have ambitions to build an accounting system for the non-financial manager: using advanced technology, it would allow users to complete transactions automatically – for example, to take photos of invoices on their mobile phone and auto-post them to the general ledger.

Rehiring airline staff is proving difficult, as many have moved to other careers

There are major problems facing the aviation industry, especially the labour shortage. The rapid growth in demand following the relaxation of travel restrictions has resulted in an unexpected staffing problem for many airports and airlines. These shortages have been worsened by the pandemic-induced layoffs across the industry. Rehiring staff is proving difficult, as many aviation workers have moved on to other careers.

There are still long queues at check-in and security due to health measure restrictions. However, many countries have lifted these restrictions to return to some normality, and vaccines can serve as a passport for travel, though further challenges still lie ahead.

Hosting the Fifa 2022 World Cup will bring numerous social and economic benefits to Qatar. It is the first time a Middle Eastern country will host the World Cup and is an opportunity for Qataris to share with the world their vibrant culture and values. The construction of infrastructure for the tournament and visitors will create new jobs in key sectors such as construction, real estate and hospitality. Visitors will generate revenue and should raise Qatar’s profile as a tourist destination and drive foreign investment.

If I had law-making powers, I would give equal opportunities to access education. The same for all, both rich and poor, free of cost.