My father worked in a Big Four firm and is my role model. I always wanted to be like him, and he inspired me to choose this profession.

Originally from Lahore, Pakistan, I moved to the Middle East in 2009 to join EY. After five years with the firm, I switched direction and joined an automotive distributor. It was a unique experience, but just a year later, I was invited to rejoin EY to lead a new service offering accounting compliance and reporting (ACR). It was a very attractive and challenging opportunity, which lured me back into practice again.

My corporate experience was very important for learning, and I believe career choices must depend on opportunities and circumstances. I think it is important to have experience of both practice and corporate worlds. I have now accumulated over 14 years providing accounting compliance, advisory and reporting services to local and multinational clients across a range of sectors.

A firm is like an institution, teaching you skills that can be applied in your career and personal life

To succeed in a Big Four firm you must be very passionate and eager to learn. You need to be confident to take on new challenges, with a sense of accountability. A firm is like an institution, teaching you skills that can be applied both in your career and personal life.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest economy in the Arab world and the major oil producer in the region. However, the kingdom is now focused on generating revenue from non-oil sources. The Neom smart city project is a key part of this strategy – I feel it will be a game changer, becoming a unique tourist destination.

If I had law-making powers, I would use them to benefit communities through enhanced corporate social responsibility. I would oblige businesses to make it their mission to protect the local and global environment. This would ensure respect for human rights and benefits for the whole of society, balanced with sustainable economic growth.

What I enjoy about my job is the work culture and ethical stance. These provide a platform to perform beyond our abilities, where no one stops us from learning and growing, if we have the right attitude.

My career has been very interesting, with plenty of learning opportunities that have allowed me to prove, improve and develop my skills. Having been given the opportunity to build the ACR department, I now lead these services in the country, which gives me an immense sense of achievement.

If I wasn’t an accountant, I would have been an automobile engineer or a restaurant owner. I believe you should pursue what gives you peace and a sense of accomplishment.

In my spare time I watch cricket. I have represented my office in amateur tournaments for eight years and have often travelled to watch international matches. I also like trying new restaurants with my friends, and of course spending quality time with my family.