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Keynote: skills for a fast-moving business environment

The heads of IFAC and ACCA, and PwC's human capital leader, discuss the new skills needed of finance professionals in a fast-evolving business environment. Tying in with ACCA’s current focus, 'Accounting for a Better World', the panellists will look at the central role accountants have to play – and the skillsets that will be required – to drive change and help build resilience.

Coping with global economic volatility

When the IMF slashed its global economic growth forecast and raised its projections for inflation, it declared the outlook was ‘overwhelmingly tilted to the downside.’ With the world continuing to grapple with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and soaring prices, the economic outlook has not looked this uncertain for decades. Join our panel of economists to find out how financial professionals can use their skills to respond.

Disruptive tech for beginners

Developments in new technology are in the headlines on an almost daily basis, but what does it all mean for business – and for professional accountants in particular? Join this session to get to grips with the basics around the various applications of blockchain (including cryptos and non-fungible tokens); what the metaverse is and who is using it; and advances in AI more broadly.

Exploring the frontier of fintech skills

If fintech is the future, what skills will the finance professional need to thrive in this new era of opportunity and challenge? Our panel of experts will lead you through the cutting-edge developments and scan the horizon for future careers that will be in demand in this new frontier of finance.

Going beyond the data: how to influence and persuade for positive impact

Numbers and rational persuasion are rarely enough by themselves to change minds and influence action. The successful finance professional must master multiple influencing tactics including building coalitions, applying pressure and making inspirational appeals. What are the benefits of the various influencing tactics? Which stakeholders respond best to each tactic? In this practical session, ACCA's talent expert Dr Rob Yeung will look at the psychology of influence and persuasion that achieves real results.

Meet the new ACCA president and his team

Meet ACCA's new Officer Team for 2022. This webinar is a great opportunity for members to hear from ACCA's new president, deputy president and vice president. There will also be a Q&A during the session, giving you the opportunity to put forward your questions to our panel.

Green finance skills: costs and opportunities of your transition to net zero

With demand for green finance skills surging as organisations transition towards net zero, our panel of environmental reporting specialists will investigate how professionals can align themselves with a move towards a more sustainable financial world and whether an economic slowdown could lead to a change in focus.

Risk culture and future performance: how accountancy professionals make a difference

The war in Ukraine and its effect on rising inflation, ongoing supply disruption and increased likelihood of cyber threats all mean that risk awareness has become integral to organisational strategy. Assessing and changing behaviours were already becoming crucial before the pandemic. Now, as business leaders try to understand how risk culture affects long-term value, professional accountants are keen to understand how their skills can help organisations build, value and audit risk culture.

How SMPs and SMEs can source winning talent 

Financial professionals’ skills and talents are in unprecedented demand across the world, so how can SMEs and SMPs ensure that they have the right strategies to recruit, develop and retain the talent they need? Join this session to hear from experts with a deep understanding and experience of SMEs and SMPs.You will hear about the human resource strategies that businesses need to adopt to ensure that they are in prime position to succeed in these volatile and uncertain times. 

Setting SMP strategies to meet global challenges

SMPs must support clients like never before. Businesses are facing challenges not seen in a generation. Inflation, recession, supply chain shortages and the challenge of digital are all causing entrepreneurs to call upon their professional advisers more than ever. In this session you will hear from a deeply experienced panel from across the world as they dissect how SMPs can create the right strategies to help businesses flourish. Learn the key skills required for SMPs as they step up to work with clients as never before.

How to be a compassionate leader

Compassion sounds nice, but how does it relate to the workplace? Can you show compassion without being seen as weak? What are the benefits of creating a compassionate organisation? Drawing on the latest research, Jess Baker, chartered business psychologist, will explore the core components of compassionate leadership, and tell us why it’s important and more timely than ever for organisations, managers, and the workforce to embrace compassion as the new solution. She’ll also share practical techniques on how to build more compassion into your working life.

The role of accountants in sustainability reporting

The ISSB's sustainability disclosure standards will bring significant change in companies' reporting of their sustainability-related risks and opportunities such as those related to climate. Join this session to hear an update from the ISSB on the key requirements of S1 and S2, and feedback received on the exposure drafts to date. This will be followed by a panel discussion, including input from the practitioner’s perspective, on the role of accountants in sustainability reporting.

Upskilling for sustainability assurance

As the business world moves rapidly towards adopting sustainability reporting, what are the new skills that auditors will need in this changing environment. Our panel of experts, including auditors and regulators, will share their insights and analyse standard setters’ future plans, while setting out some of the skills auditors will need to maintain a sustainable climate of trust in corporate reports.

New planning and performance opportunities for finance teams

In a challenging environment, organisations face multiple uncertainties. A recent ACCA/CA ANZ survey suggests that most finance teams are still using traditional planning and forecasting cycles. Is this sustainable? Are there alternatives? Is planning now broader and what role does forecasting the ESG agenda play? Experts from businesses and practitioners will discuss the answers to these and other questions that form part of a future charter for the finance function.

Global mobility, tax, skills and regulation in a flexible new world

As businesses, governments and individuals get to grips with permanent shifts in attitudes to the workplace, what are the key factors driving change, and how should we respond? Knowledge-based workers will be especially affected by the huge shift to fully digital working models. Tax and global mobility experts will discuss how accountants will be at the forefront of adapting to, and accounting for, the regulatory and tax implications of this brave new world.

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