I experienced first-hand the effects of the 1997 Asian financial crisis, which impacted my family and our ability to put food on the table. The more I understood the drivers and the calamity it had caused across major companies in Malaysia, the more I was determined to get involved and have an impact on how organisations become more financially resilient in times of economic uncertainty.

I’m extremely grateful to my mother, who inspired me in my early days as an accountant and student. She’s a teacher who refuses to retire and settle for a quiet life. Her passion for learning and hard work epitomises something she said to me all through my childhood: ‘Life is full of lessons; it’s the only thing that’s free in this world.’

It’s the speed at which we operate that excites me the most

Like many aspiring accountants, I started in the Big Four with PwC Malaysia as an auditor and spent about half my career in professional services, working in Asia, the Caribbean and New Zealand. I ventured into the technology sector seven years ago with a hyper-growth start-up called Pushpay and I thoroughly enjoy the software-as-a-service scene, carving out a name for myself as a respected CFO in New Zealand’s software sector.

Whip Around Group is a world leader in the supply and sale of software solutions to commercial fleets globally. Solutions are focused on fleet maintenance and compliance, and customers span North America, Europe and Asia. Aside from being the de facto CFO, I also work with people responsible for bringing the technology to market. Whip Around’s culture encourages creativity and simplicity, which resonates strongly with all our people; it’s the speed at which we operate that excites me the most.

Our joint aspiration is that helping others inspires our children to be similar members of society

I’m lucky to be blessed with two beautiful children and a life journey where I crossed paths with my wife, who is also a proud ACCA graduate. My favourite moments are weekend hikes in the native bush with the family, where we discover new things about nature all the time!

As we watch our children grow up, my wife and I are determined to inspire them to work hard and give back to their community. My wife has already begun the journey by embarking on studies in the field of mental health to help people who have suffered the psychological effects of Covid-19. I’ve taken a more active role in the NGO space for children’s rights and welfare, and aspire to give back more of my time to these causes. Our joint aspiration is that our work in the field of helping others inspires our children to be similar members of society, above all else.

If I weren’t an accountant, I’d have been a professional landscaper. I love gardening and imagining beautiful designs for outdoor spaces.