I work as a financial professional at PwC Georgia but I am also an associate professor at the Georgian American University. Having both these roles was my childhood dream. I remember my grandmother’s wooden abacus, which she used to compute balances while working as the deputy director of a bank in Georgia during the Soviet era, and I really wanted to be like her. Times have changed since then, but our profession remains popular and in high demand among graduates.

My parents both taught at Georgian universities, which inspired me to become a lecturer too. The person I am now is largely impacted by these early memories, which became my inspirations. Combining my responsibilities as a senior manager at PwC and associate professor at GAU is challenging, but I am doing work that I love.

Georgia has opportunities not only for accountants but in practically all directions

Despite the enormous time commitment required for both roles it is a pleasure to share my knowledge and experience with the next generation of accountants. I was eager to make a difference in the development of audit and finance professionals, so I took charge of much of the course at the university. This included structuring the lectures and then finding the industry professionals to deliver them.

I was also able to secure ACCA accreditation for our programme, which I think is my biggest recent accomplishment. The primary rationale for establishing an accounting course was the rising demand for financial professionals across the audit, financial and corporate realms. I believe Georgia has opportunities not only for accountants but in practically all directions.

You need to like your job. If you don’t, you should quit and find something else

My first job was truly challenging. I worked in a different industry with diverse tasks, and my first weeks there were very tough. However, during my time I changed from being under stress to finding my comfort zone. What I learned from this time was that you need to like your job, and if you don’t you should quit and find something else. I believe it is very important that you should feel at ease in your work, as this will help you to thrive in your professional life so you can achieve your goals and reach for the stars.

The most exciting aspect of being an auditor is acquiring experience in a range of industries while interacting with business owners and industry leaders. In my 12 years at PwC, I have also enjoyed supporting the growth of new team members. If accountants are to advance professionally, they need assistance with their development, with learning processes placed in parallel with work tasks. We should all dream big and follow our aspirations, remembering that choosing the right profession is one of the greatest challenges in life.

Away from my job I enjoy painting, Georgian dances and playing tennis, especially when I was a youngster. As an adult, I am the mother of three gorgeous daughters, who make my life a most enjoyable journey.