A little extra helping of good luck never hurt anyone, and in that spirit I am particularly happy to be writing this column as Chinese New Year falls.

It is the Year of the Rabbit – traditionally an auspicious sign for the Chinese, and a harbinger of better fortunes for the coming months.

There is a saying in the Yoruba language: ‘Ìjẹ àná dùn mọ́ ehoro; ó di ọjọ́ kejì, ó mú ikún dání’, which translates as: ‘The last feast was so satisfying for the rabbit that he brought the squirrel along the next time.’ It expresses the truth that a good experience encourages others to want to share it. That is precisely the way I view ACCA.

Magnet models

For people considering a future in finance and business, the example of existing members – and of the success and opportunity they find along the way – says everything they need to know about the value of our qualification. I also know that our members are anxious to share that message, in all the work they undertake to advocate for accountancy and ACCA in their businesses and in their communities.


Joseph Owolabi is ACCA president

Employers know that when they hire our people, they get the best of the best

It is why there is such a strong culture of looking out for each other in ACCA. And it is why our vast, growing global network of members provides a strong support system, and deepens our culture of looking out for each other across geographies and boundaries. I have witnessed this more clearly than ever in my first months as ACCA president.

Next week I have the honour of speaking at our first ever ceremony for new members and fellows in Luxembourg. It brings together professionals from many countries. They are all able to make their career in the duchy because ACCA’s international status means that employers know that when they hire our people, they get the best of the best – individuals who are ready and able to work across borders thanks to the global breadth of their education and training.

Make it happen

It brings me back to the Year of the Rabbit, and another saying: ‘You make your own luck.’ There is a lot of truth in that.

We know there is so much we can do to further our own careers and advance the cause of accountancy as a profession that does good in the world. So much of this is captured in our ‘Accounting for a better world’ theme, which continues to influence what we do to make our best contribution.

However you contribute in the year to come, I wish you the very best of good fortune.