I come from a traditional and conservative family in a very small town. I would often hear my parents talk about friends who were accountants or who had children studying accounting and how they would be leading better lives. Though to be honest, back then, I didn’t like accounting – I couldn’t distinguish credit from debit. However, I chose accountancy at college. Everyone I knew, including my parents, were shocked, but I was drawn to the stability.

I started off with a diploma and advanced diploma in accounting and finance from ACCA. During my higher-level studies, I was well exposed to the ACCA professional pathway and the career it promised. In the back of my mind, nothing could go wrong by choosing ACCA; it meant security, job prospects and a good earning ability.

Conventional accounting modes may be applicable now, but not in a few years’ time

I was in smaller and medium audit firms before joining the Big Four. I specialised in financial audits across various industries, as well as other business-related advice, reviewing financial statements to ensure compliance in accordance with SFRS and IFRS, reviewing client consolidation and amalgamation, working with overseas teams in multi-location audits, and so on. My current role as a senior manager at Margin Wheeler has offered another perspective. While I still audit other organisations’ financials, I now also prepare the financials for clients and auditors.

I love how fast-paced my job is. I like it when the clock hits 6pm, knock-off time, and I feel like I’d just arrived in the morning. I enjoy learning the constantly evolving accounting standards and growing professionally. I love teamwork, interdepartmental collaboration, and solving real business problems by giving professional accounting advice, which makes me feel passionate about going to work.

With the world moving at an expeditious pace, businesses must find ways to keep up and survive. Conventional accounting modes may be applicable now, but not in a few years’ time. My goal is to ensure I fully utilise artificial intelligence (AI) and big data in my work to maximise efficiency and effectiveness. I believe there is so much we can achieve with AI and big data. Another goal is to provide mentorship to my team, grow their leadership skills, gain new perspectives, and unlock their full potential.

My biggest career influences are my family. They are very supportive of my every decision. My peers and colleagues have also had an impact on my career path. They are the ones who spend most of their time with me and we always discuss our jobs and our career paths.

I was fortunate to have a good education, great mentors and to have met people who have helped shape the person I am. I’m also lucky I chose to work at Margin Wheeler where the director sees my full potential, making me feel self-assured and well supported.