I started my career in 2010 with PwC Uganda in the assurance department. My passion for finance was nurtured by learning from the very best during audit engagements.

In 2014 I joined energy distributor Umeme Ltd as a financial and business analyst. I was drawn to the unique nature of the role as it sat in the intersection of finance and operations, giving me an opportunity to understand the electricity utility business. I then decided to explore, accepting an offer to be assurance manager with PwC Jamaica in 2016.

Accountants have generally preferred the private sector over the public sector

In January 2018, I joined Platinum Group Bermuda as a senior consultant where I was seconded to the Bermuda Monetary Authority for about 18 months, as a senior analyst in the insurance supervision department. I found this interesting as it was an opportunity for me to view the insurance space through a regulator’s lens. I then became assistant financial controller, which was fulfilling as I was able to lead the implementation of the new IFRS standards. In 2019 I joined the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda (RAB) as a financial controller, my current position.

I feel accountants have generally preferred the private sector over the public sector, which has widened the efficiency and accountability gap between the two sectors. I would encourage more accountants to consider a career in the public sector to bridge this gap. The benefit of working with the RAB is the opportunity to directly add value to our stakeholders through our accountability and efficiency.

With the increase in the cost of living across the globe, the propensity to spend money on tourism will drop and I do not think Bermuda will be immune to this reality. Another challenge is that the increase in inflation across the world will have an impact on global savings, which could potentially have a knock-on effect on Bermuda’s financial services sector.

I have definitely stepped out of my comfort zone during my career. In 2016 I left Uganda to take on the role of assurance manager with PwC Jamaica. This was a big decision as I had just married and we had recently had our first child, but I was driven by my passion to explore new cultures. I really enjoyed my time in Jamaica, where I worked on various high-profile clients and widened my social and professional network.

I like the brainstorming and exchange of ideas among my colleagues who come from many different professions

If I had law-making powers, I would enact a law to incentivise businesses to offer internship opportunities to college and university students at all levels of their studies. These incentives would be attractive to businesses and improve the quality of graduates joining the labour market.

What I enjoy about my job is training and mentoring junior accountants. I also like the brainstorming and exchange of ideas among my colleagues, who come from many different professions, ranging from engineering to actuarial science.

In 2007 I gained admittance for my bachelor’s degree in statistics at Makerere University under the government scholarship scheme. This has been my greatest achievement. It was the genesis of all my subsequent academic and career achievements.

If I weren’t a qualified accountant, I would have become a biostatistician or an actuary. It would suit my background in statistics.

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I also like watching football, as well as investigative stories, and documentaries on technology, science and health.