Being an accounting professional means you can never stop learning. Getting a qualification isn’t the end of studying – it’s a milestone and a fresh start to your professional career. The current demanding business environment requires future-proof competencies and comprehensive skillsets, so we should continually extend our knowledge to embrace such topics as ESG regulation, digital transformation and audit standards.

Data visualisation is the icing on the cake as it can turn boring tables into eye-catching and easy-to-read charts

Accounting is no longer just a matter of telling people the numbers but also interpreting what the numbers mean. Technology is the accountant’s all-powerful ally here. Robotic process automation tools, for example, can free us from repetitive and manual work, completing it in a few minutes. VBA, the coding function in Excel, can automate regular accounting reports, producing them at a simple click of a button. Data visualisation is the icing on the cake as it can turn boring financial tables into eye-catching and easy-to-read charts, allowing us to move from simply reporting tedious numbers to presenting and interpreting them in an interactive and innovative way.

I work in the financial management team at a Chinese investment bank. I have to understand the business operations and keep up with fast-changing financial markets by learning new IPO and financial resources rules, and reading daily financial news. Hong Kong is one of the most energetic financial markets in the world, so the importance of up-to-date financial knowledge is very clear.

I provide all-round accounting-related support to the front office and the entire company. I regularly generate financial reports and write analysis reports for management review. I also prepare the company’s budget, perform analysis variance and monitor cost control. The best part of the job is that I have a full picture of the company’s performance and a chance to work with almost all the divisions within the company.

I am tuning up my financial modelling by taking part in an Excel VBA bootcamp

There are many challenges ahead for the profession. They include the impact of artificial intelligence, the changes in international and local accounting standards, fluctuating financial markets and the remote or hybrid working style brought by the global pandemic. Faced with these challenges, I joined some ACCA webinars and CPD events to keep me updated with current trends. I am also tuning up my financial modelling by taking part in an Excel VBA bootcamp to promote my working efficiency.

I majored in business English in college. My interest in accounting grew after a banking internship and I decided to become an accounting professional. After taking part in a conversion programme, I obtained a postgraduate diploma in professional accounting from the University of Hong Kong. This helped me find my first job as a financial management accountant with a property development company and I subsequently worked with some well-known companies in various industries.

I am a fan of hiking and often spend weekends hiking with friends. It helps me destress and get some off-screen time after working intensively during weekdays.