In my late twenties, I moved from a banking sector career to a completely junior audit associate position with PwC Romania. It was a bold move: up to then, I’d been an export specialist for a Romanian clothes manufacturer, then an SME loan officer for a bank. The rationale at the time was that I wanted a bigger challenge, to pursue more growth opportunities, and to advance my career. I’m incredibly happy I made that decision.

It gives me purpose to be doing the right thing while being recognised for my efforts

It isn’t the only big move I’ve made. Nine years ago, I applied for a global mobility international secondment and moved to PwC New Zealand. Moving here has broadened my horizons in terms of knowledge and opportunities.

I have a curiosity and growth mindset that has helped me adapt to major changes. It gives me purpose and meaning to be doing the right thing while being recognised for my efforts.

In New Zealand, I’ve had a few roles, from audit manager at PwC to internal audit at Vodafone. Since 2018, I’ve been an associate director specialising in risk and controls at WPP AUNZ, a large public company in media, communication and advertising. I support and advise the business on compliance-related topics, including anti-corruption, Sarbanes-Oxley, internal audit and enterprise risk management, as well as internal policy requirements. I facilitate compliance training, get involved in key transformation and change management projects, and help drive process consistency across the NZ and AU brands.

The diversity of scenarios, business partnering and problem-solving are what I love about my job

There are lots of things I love about my job. The diversity of scenarios, the business partnering component, problem-solving, flexibility and stakeholder engagement are some of them. I like thinking outside the box to find the most practical solution with my auditing and accounting expertise.

I was an ACCA ANZ panel member for Auckland for the past two years. I feel honoured to promote the ACCA brand, represent New Zealand on panel discussions and help build relationships with the wider community. I’ve met some amazing members at ACCA networking and engagement events.

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some amazing people. They include business leaders who believed in me and empowered me to stretch and reach my potential. I would like to mention the PwC Romania partner who supported my secondment to PwC New Zealand, and the people who supported my career progression.

If I weren’t an accountant, I’d be a gymnast or a performance artist. I’m passionate about tango. For me, it is a form of mindfulness, and it helps me express myself in a creative physical way.