Gaining the ACCA Qualification in Somalia, where access to learning providers and resources can be challenging, was a significant accomplishment. Balancing my studies with the responsibilities of being a father and working full time to support my family made it even more satisfying as an achievement. I am grateful to ACCA for awarding me the Simpson Scholarship, which facilitated my journey.

I started my working life as an assistant bookkeeper, thanks to invaluable mentorship from my father. Fulfilling his dreams for me is something that I am immensely proud of. His teachings and my experiences have instilled in me the importance of perseverance and hard work in pursuing one’s aspirations.

The audit profession can provide assurance to potential investors on the reliability of financial information

I believe the audit profession has a vital role to play in Somalia, rebuilding trust by promoting transparency and accountability. Crucially, it can help increase investment by providing assurance to potential investors on the reliability of financial information. On the domestic front, audited financial statements would enhance government revenues. Somalia still faces significant challenges in providing basic provision such as healthcare and education to its citizens. Auditors can help to ensure that funds are used effectively to build high-quality services, which would help to improve the lives of Somali citizens and contribute to long-term economic growth.

My primary role as managing partner of TTC Partners is direction and oversight, but I also have responsibility for finding new customers. Client referrals are a crucial factor in developing new business and only come if we provide excellent service and build strong relationships with existing clients. The aspect of my work that I enjoy most is leading organisations through the process of digitalisation.

Providing accounting students with a platform to learn allows me to give back to my community

I believe it is important to give back to the community. A few years ago, I co-founded a business school, which provides a platform for students to become the future accountants my country so badly needs. As chair of the council of the Somali Institute of Certified Public Accountants (SICPA), I am also involved in the development of the profession as a whole.

If I had law-making powers, I would introduce a finance and taxation act to generate revenue for government spending. I would also enforce robust public financial management (PFM) to combat corruption and improve service delivery. To ensure greater accountability and transparency, I would expedite the approval of the Accountant’s Act, which is currently awaiting parliamentary endorsement, thereby establishing accounting standards and mandatory financial statement audits.

I have always had an interest in investigative work, so if I were not an accountant, I might have pursued a career as an investigator. I enjoy watching mystery films that involve detection and problem-solving.

Outside of work, I spend time reading the Quran and practising my religion. I also value personal growth and constantly seek to expand my knowledge. Of course, spending quality time with my family is also important to me – they are a great source of support and happiness.