As a girl, my biggest ambition was to become an independent woman. Creating a career in finance was a pathway to become that person, inspired by some very strong role models in my family.

My parents always told me that you can achieve anything in life if you work hard and work smart, so accounting became my goal. I began my career at 17, doing part-time jobs while pursuing an accounting and finance degree. My first internship was with an organisation that developed and retailed military communication devices. I then progressed into the freight industry and had a great experience as a radio jockey at a local UAE station, Radio Red 94.7FM, before beginning my ACCA journey.

Being a lecturer requires passion, patience and the ability to tell a story

After joining PwC and working across different sectors, I was offered my first teaching role. I am now a lecturer on the firm’s ACCA programme, as well as manager for tax and legal. Fulfilling both roles has been a challenge; sometimes I’ll do 12 hours of work then go into the classroom to give a three-hour lecture, but I love it.

Being a lecturer requires skills that no books can teach. You need a willingness to learn at an exponential rate, passion, patience and the ability to tell a story. It is one thing to explain tasks and concepts in your workspace but quite another to connect with an audience who are putting their faith in you to guide them to success in exams and, ultimately, qualification.

I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone on several occasions. My biggest challenge was a transition period where we had huge changes in management. I was obliged to step up and make strategic decisions for myself and the team. I truly had to develop at a pace that was extraordinary, but this greatly contributed to moulding me into the professional that I am today.

I believe opportunities to learn and grow at a young age can really help make careers

UAE is growing rapidly. The increased value of oil and gas has supported the country’s overall growth, and real estate is also now at its peak. The biggest concern currently revolves around inflationary dynamics. There is no doubt that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has had an impact, creating both winners and losers: on the plus side, we have rising oil prices and increased foreign investment, but inflationary fluctuations and uncertainty around global economic stability are making life difficult for everyone.

If I had the power, I would change the law that restricts 16-year-olds from working. I believe having a job at a young age, even if part-time, provides opportunities to learn and grow that can really help make careers. The world is changing at pace, so the chance to explore the world of work early and get insights into business will aid the growth of future generations.

What I like about my job is people and the impact I have on them. I truly enjoy the opportunity to support and influence lives, whether as a tax manager, as a lecturer, or in my personal life. One of my proudest moments was a visit from a former student who told me I had inspired him to choose a career pathway that brought him happiness.

In 2021 I started lifting weights and aim to lift 100kg before my next birthday

If I weren’t an accountant I would have pursued a career in media as an actor, speaker or influencer. Using my voice to impact people was always my goal.

In my spare time I love to write and have been doing so from a very young age. It helps me process everything in my life. I also sing and share my performances on social media, and am seeking out opportunities to pursue acting after doing some theatre a few years ago. In 2021 I started lifting weights and aim to lift 100kg before my next birthday. It’s a full life!