Our interview this month is with Vishal Soni FCCA, CFO of Nyumba Group, whose cement and steel products are built into countless infrastructure and residential developments in Kenya, including the country’s deepsea port at Lamu, and the Nairobi Expressway. Vishal talks with pride not only of the company’s contribution to Kenya’s structural foundations but also to its social fabric. ‘A lot of people call it corporate social responsibility,’ he says. ‘For us it’s just responsibility.’

We also meet two more young ACCA members set to make their mark on the business world, twins Oumer and Amir Harun. Senior auditors at the same leading Ethiopian firm, they discuss their parallel careers, why audit is the perfect job for curious minds, and football rivalry.

In tech developments we look at the rise of the large language models (LLMs) that underpin artificial intelligence. With the major tech companies pushing hard to expand the sector and provide customised AI applications more widely, smaller companies will soon be able to join the big corporates in making the technologies involved work for them. We also find out why practitioners should assess the impact AI has on professional liability

In our careers section, we find out what toxic leadership does to an organisation and its staff. And to address workplace discrimination and poor corporate culture, we explain how to tackle perception bias

As we head towards ACCA’s CPD deadline, don’t forget that ACCA’s annual virtual conference ‘Accounting for the Future’ offers free CPD units and is available on demand, as is our Virtual Public Sector Conference. 

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