The world’s senior business leaders are increasing optimistic about growth prospects for the global economy as they head into 2024, according to KPMG’s survey of 1,325 CEOs across 11 countries and 11 industry sectors.

All those polled work for organisations with annual revenues higher than US$500m, and a third of those organisations have reported revenues in excess of US$10bn.

CEO confidence in global growth 

Interviewed at intervals in 2021, 2022 and 2023, CEOs were asked about the likelihood of economic growth over the ensuring three years.

CEOs’ perspective on generative AI

The survey also found global CEOs are making generative artificial intelligence (AI) a top investment priority, with half (52%) of them expecting to see a return within three to five years. However, most have concerns about the risks associated with emerging technologies.

CEOs’ views on return to office

Post-Covid, CEOs around the world are expecting to return to ‘business as usual’, with employees back in the workplace.

CEOs’ perspectives on ESG

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are high on the agenda for global CEOs. Nearly a quarter (24%) believe that, over the next three years, ESG will exert most impact on their customer relationships, and a further 16% believe it will help build their brand reputation.

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