I believe you regret the chances you don’t take, so my mantra is to live life fully and not be afraid to challenge myself.

A career in accounting was inevitable for me. My father was a very successful accountant and, when I was growing up, I wanted to be like him; he was my biggest inspiration. In order to be the best accountant I can possibly be I have invested in my education. As well as my ACCA qualification, I have an MSc from the University of London and an MBA from the University of Derby.

In order to be the best accountant I can possibly be I have invested in my education

I started out at KPMG Botswana in 2012 and completed my ACCA qualification in 2013. I then decided to spread my wings and move to the banking sector, joining BancABC as a management accountant. There, I gained valuable experience in financial reporting, financial accounting, financial planning and analysis, and business partnering.

In 2019, a challenging and career developing role presented itself when I was offered the role of financial controller at Vivo Energy, a petroleum business. Switching from financial services to a leadership role in the petroleum industry was a daunting challenge, but hugely fulfilling.

Becoming CFO of Alexforbes Botswana, which offers wealth management and retirement services, was a life-defining career move for me because it re-ignited my passion for professional accounting. It provided the opportunity to develop a strategic mindset, to move beyond number crunching and build business acumen in order to advance the firm’s strategic initiatives.

Despite Botswana achieving middle-income status, youth unemployment is a serious challenge

Despite Botswana achieving a middle-income status, youth unemployment is a serious challenge. Looked at another way, the country is full of untapped potential. There are also business opportunities in sectors such as science and technology, manufacturing, tourism and agriculture, and the government is keen to attract foreign direct investment. For citizens to benefit, it is critical that public spending is more efficiently managed, concentrating on investment and human capital in order to improve productivity, create jobs for our youth and bring about economic diversification.

My biggest achievement was optimising the financial operations for a business I worked for. Key to this was the implementation of appropriate financial controls and processes, which enabled effective strategic financial decision-making. This led to revenue growth and good cost control, bringing very positive outcomes in financial performance and key performance indicators.

If I had law-making powers, I would change Botswana’s Companies Act and corporate tax laws. I would offer tax reliefs and have subsidies and exemptions for businesses owned by younger people, to curb our high youth unemployment rate.

If I hadn’t had a career in finance, I would definitely have been a pilot; the thought of flying a large Boeing or Airbus aircraft across the skies has always excited me. In my spare time I am very passionate about playing tennis; this great sport has been an important part of my life since I was 10 years old.