Every move during my professional career has enabled me to push the boundaries of my skills. I have found that there is no limit to your ability to improve and grow if you are determined to do so. It is important to never be afraid of trying and failing. If you fail, try again – even if you fail again, you will fail better. Every failure represents an experience and a stepping-stone to something better, and no progress can be made without testing your limits.

Having scored highly at mathematics at school, I was encouraged by my father and his close friends to pursue chartered accountancy. I saw the value accountants bring to businesses by enabling strategic decision-making through analysis and insights, so I travelled to the UK where I completed my ACCA qualification and later graduated from Oxford Brookes University. After this, I moved to Saudi Arabia and joined PwC. I then worked with several high-profile businesses, such as Saudi Aramco, Barrick Group, Mars, KAUST and Otis. I joined my current employer, Hilti, who are in construction, in 2019.

I wanted to influence a business and play an important part in daily operations

Starting my career as an auditor with a Big Four firm was the best platform I could have had for professional and personal growth. However, as an auditor I felt I was on the sidelines when I wanted to be part of the game, positively influencing a business and being an important part of daily operations, rather than the referee. Therefore, I decided to switch to a corporate role.

What I enjoy about my job is being a true business partner in my day-to-day activities. I aid the speed and quality of our company’s decisions, impacting the bottom line and ultimately driving business value.

The UAE does face challenges with disruptions to supply chains, higher labour costs, inflation and a tight monetary policy. These are particularly hard on the construction sector as it continues to recover from the effects of Covid-19. The Russian invasion of Ukraine also caused major disruptions to global supply chains, forcing businesses to restructure their operations and organisational setups, resulting in higher raw material and shipping costs forcing companies to inflate their selling prices to maintain profitability. However, UAE’s construction sector expects to see growth in the foreseeable future.

I’m passionate about helping others progress towards their dreams

From being awarded Best Student of the Year in high school to achieving fellowship with ACCA, from getting an opportunity with a Big Four audit firm to an opportunity with a top 10 ranked best employer in the world, there have been countless achievements to date. However, what gives me the biggest satisfaction is the fact that I have achieved a stage where many people reach out to me as someone who can mentor them, so they can achieve their career aspirations. I’m passionate about helping others progress towards their dreams and nothing gives me more satisfaction.

If I had law-making powers, I would revisit all laws that allow loopholes for unethical practices like corruption, fraud, violation of human rights, and inequality in law and order. I would ensure that we have a robust judicial review system in place to bring adequate justice to all.

I have a lot of passion for aviation. Therefore, I would have probably pursued a career in aviation engineering if I wasn’t working in finance.

In my spare time, I like to travel and satisfy my natural curiosity for different places and cultures. I am also enthusiastic about fitness, and believe that good physical and mental health are vital to success.