I transitioned from an accounting practice into the corporate world even though I had developed a strong love for audit. I appreciated the exposure to business it provided as I had worked with diverse clients across many industries, which enhanced my learning ability and experience. However, I decided that corporate accounting was more aligned with my career aspirations and desire to move up to the next level.

I now work for QualityWorks Consulting Group which specialises in development operations. ‘Devops’ is a combination of tools and practices that support an organisation’s ability to deliver its services applications more efficiently. The demand for devops professionals has been growing rapidly since the pandemic and is expected to continue to do so. Our devops consultants aim to improve collaboration between development and IT operations teams, automate software delivery and infrastructure changes, and enhance the speed and reliability of software development and deployment.

My job makes me tap into my interpersonal and intrapreneurial skills

I have stepped out of my comfort zone in my career when I’ve encountered situations that have compelled me to make unconventional decisions. I was once faced with a business expo project that had a very critical deadline. Though I was not part of the team, I volunteered to assist and the proposals I made ultimately saved valuable time and resources. I actively seek opportunities to step out of my comfort zone as I view calculated risks as part of my self-development journey, but I also assess how the risk will impact my life as a whole.

What I love about my job is it pushes me beyond my technical skills and qualifications. It makes me tap into my interpersonal and intrapreneurial skills. I also enjoy the flexibility and the great work-life balance that it promotes.

I had to make major shifts in my priorities in order to qualify for ACCA

One of my biggest achievements is becoming an ACCA member. I chose ACCA because of the flexibility it promoted. It meant I was able to work and study. When I started studying, I soon realised that I could not underestimate the amount of time I needed to prepare for my exams, which involved a lot of effort and dedication. I had to make major shifts in my priorities in order to qualify, but in the end it was worth all the sacrifice.

Another major career achievement has been contributing, as senior accountant, to a successful expansion of financing for QualityWorks. It  will lead to the business being more competitive in the current market.

If I wasn’t working in finance, I think I would have pursued a career as a registered nurse or an electrical engineer. At high school, I wanted a career in engineering or nursing. However, as I was facing financial constraints at the time, I decided to study business subjects, which included accounting. It was after a conversation with a family friend that I decided to become a professional accountant and not just an ‘accountant’.

It starts with a plain piece of fabric and transforms into something stunning

If I had law-making powers, I would ensure universal access to fundamental necessities for living. These would include clean housing, adequate nutrition and comprehensive healthcare.

In my spare time I am involved in my church community. I am also a certified adult and infant CPR first aider, and I volunteer where the needs arises. I have recently discovered a great interest in sewing. What I find most fulfilling about sewing is starting with a plain piece of fabric, watching a video on YouTube about how to cut a design for it, and witnessing it transform into something stunning.