I was always inclined towards the profession as my father was an accountant. However, as I grew up, I came to understand that, because they are exposed to a wide array of industries, accountants are indispensable to the success of any organisation. There are also few qualifications which are as empowering or offer as much global mobility as the ACCA qualification.

I have certainly stepped out of my comfort zone. I started my professional career in my hometown in Karachi, Pakistan, with PwC. Since then, I have worked in the Middle East and the UK, and I am now based in Silicon Valley. All these places are very different from each other, with diverse cultures and ways of working.

My own mantra is this: never be dissuaded by failure

My ability to adapt and adjust in all the regions I have worked is my biggest achievement. We all have a tendency to stick to our comfort zones. Having had some very strong professional relationships in all the places I have worked is a real satisfaction.

Our clients are faced with a myriad of challenges but are cautiously optimistic about their future prospects. More than any other objective, they are typically focusing their business strategy on growth. The obstacles they face range from acquiring and retaining talent, tough economic conditions, cybersecurity issues, and sustainability and innovation concerns.

What excites me the most in my job is that I get to work in various industries, with different teams and co-workers. It is a great learning experience as it ensures my knowledge never stagnates, and I get to exchange ideas with different sets of clients as well as colleagues, so I constantly gain new perspectives.

Being an auditor is often challenging but always fulfilling

Being an auditor can be daunting. It is  often challenging too, and sometimes humbling. It is, though, always fulfilling.

My own mantra is this: never be dissuaded by failure. You need to always have an unwavering commitment towards the goal – everything else should be peripheral. There may be people out there more gifted or talented than you, but there’s really no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.

If I weren’t an accountant, I would probably have aimed to become a software engineer or data analyst. Both professions are similar to accountancy; they are also equally widely recognised and allow global career mobility.

Outside of work, my biggest pleasure is spending time with my family. I especially enjoy going on vacations with them. I also like swimming, which I try to do often as it very good cardio exercise and allows me to destress.