My favourite saying is: ‘Hard work pays off.’ The journey  to my current role has been marked by hard work, resilience and determination, and stands as one of my most significant achievements. I am proud of my progress and remain committed to furthering my success in the future.

Coming from a family with limited resources, I dedicated myself to gaining the ACCA qualification, embarking on that journey in my home country of Pakistan. ACCA has equipped me with a profound understanding of financial reporting, risk management and ethics, which has been key in my career.

Unravelling complexities in financial records and systems allows me to apply my analytical skills

Stepping out of my comfort zone has been a recurring theme in my life. I decided to relocate to Dubai in 2015, where the business environment presented cultural and operational characteristics very different to those of Pakistan. Adapting to these new conditions required flexibility and a willingness to learn. Curious to experience more of the Middle East, I moved to Oman in 2019, joining Baker Tilly as a senior auditor. Since then I’ve been promoted to assistant manager.

I enjoy the multifaceted nature of auditing, where each day presents new challenges. I particularly like the investigative nature of my job, as unravelling complexities in financial records and systems allows me to apply my analytical skills. I also appreciate the collaborative aspect of working with diverse teams and engaging with clients from different industries. And I’ve actively sought out responsibilities beyond traditional audit, such as delving into Oman’s corporate tax and VAT business landscape.

Oman faces difficulties due to wider regional political instability, and of course the economy is heavily dependent on oil and gas. The nation needs to develop non-oil sectors to reduce vulnerability and to help tackle youth unemployment. There is also water scarcity, so sustainable water management is crucial for future development.

Oman needs to develop laws relating to digital advancements, cybersecurity and data privacy

The country is developing its tourism sector, which alongside investments in infrastructure should open up new economic prospects. Investment in ports, airports and transport presents significant opportunities, too, as does progress in the renewable energy sector, IT services and mining.

If I had law-making powers, I would start by strengthening the environmental regulations, given the importance of preserving Oman’s natural beauty and ecosystems. I would also promote human rights, protect against discrimination, and give equal opportunities for everyone. Oman needs to develop its legal framework, improving the efficiency and fairness of the judicial system, ensuring access to justice for all. The laws relating to digital advancements, cybersecurity and data privacy need to be developed, too.

If I wasn’t an accountant, I think I would have been a financial analyst.

In my spare time I enjoy watching and playing cricket.