When I was a child, I often played ‘shop’ with my siblings. I always wanted to be the shopkeeper as it meant I had control of the money. I loved the game of Monopoly, too, as it involved making financial decisions. I was further inspired to pursue a career in the profession by my aunts and an uncle, who were accountants.

I began my very varied career at 16, as an accounting clerk with the Ministry of Education, where I prepared payrolls. I then moved into the insurance industry, where I spent 10 years in finance. However, a hurricane forced the company into liquidation, so I rejoined the public sector and became director of finance at the Creative Production and Training Centre.

I decided to move back to the public sector to contribute to nation building

In 2007 I joined the Ministry of National Security as a project accountant. While I was there, I gained the ACCA qualification, which was a major achievement for me as the results of my exams coincided with the birth of my second child. This role was very rewarding as I worked with communities plagued by crime and violence.

I stepped out of my comfort zone when I resigned from my role as a financial controller without having another job to go to. My freelance work did not go as planned, so I took a finance role at TGI Fridays Jamaica. I had no experience in the restaurant industry, but it was a unique time involving much more than accounting.

I then moved into the restaurant sector with Prestige Holdings, being especially involved with TGI Fridays Jamaica. Although I was the accountant, I was involved in many of the fun activities in the restaurants.

I decided to move back to the public sector for the stability it offers and knowing that I am contributing to nation building. In 2017 I joined the United Nations Development Programme, working on a Global Fund project to address the stigma associated with HIV in the Caribbean, which was very fulfilling. I travelled widely, conducting accounting training and monitored NGOs.

My current employer, the Bureau of Standards Jamaica, supports many industries through product testing, certification and training. I am proud to be associated with an organisation that protects the  public and facilitates business and trade.

I feel honoured to pass on the knowledge and experience that I have gained over a 31-year career

This saying has always resonated with me as I am a firm believer that we are in control of our purpose and destiny in life: ‘I am an unstoppable force, an immovable object. I am the only one that can hinder my way.’

If I law-making powers, I would make it mandatory to teach children at an early age how the mind works in the same way we teach them how the body works.

What I enjoy most about my job is developing people with their professional and personal growth. I feel honoured to pass on the knowledge and experience that I have gained over a 31-year career.

My biggest achievement is raising my two sons. While I cannot take full credit for who they ultimately will become, I am proud of the contributions I have made in them so far.

If I wasn’t in finance, I would be a teacher. I have a knack for imparting knowledge and taught ACCA courses here in Jamaica.

In my spare time I enjoy bonding with nature and find a beach or a river especially restoring. I love being with family and friends, sharing great food together. I also serve on a housing committee in my community.