A new ACCA report tells the stories of female members around the world that might offer inspiration to others. Leading inclusion – simple steps and significant leaps showcases the experiences of 12 women.

Each story is accompanied by ‘reflections’ – suggestions of what others might take from these to inspire their lives and careers.

‘Maybe you have progressed beyond the point at which a particular story concludes,’ says the report, ‘but it may help to inspire and enlighten somebody that you know, or help you understand their journey.’

Persistence pays off

Contributors come from all over the world – from Abu Dhabi to Zambia. But all of the participants’ stories demonstrate that persistence in pursuit of your goals can pay off.

As interviewee Rhea Patel says: ‘All you need is hard work, some determination and to be consistent in your life. It doesn’t mean throwing away your personal life; there needs to be a balance.’

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