My company specialises in providing bespoke aviation solutions for emergency services, corporate and utility operators. Our main customers are air ambulance charities from around the country. It has been a significant challenge to ensure continuous service to our customers during the pandemic. Air ambulances have provided a key role during the pandemic, saving the lives of people across the country.

A key aspect of my role is transforming and developing financial management models to improve the accuracy and transparency of key financial data. My work on these models has dramatically reduced the time taken to produce financial data and has supported responsive strategic business decision-making by senior management. Another key aspect is the management of the cashflow of the business and managing external relationships with stakeholders such as auditors.

If I hadn’t gone down the accounting route, I probably would have been a street artist rivalling Banksy.

If I hadn’t gone down the accounting route, I probably would have been a street artist rivalling Banksy. However, my ACCA journey has been just as exciting. I have travelled to 48 countries across five continents, and I hope to reach 50 countries once travel reopens after the pandemic. It is the ACCA Qualification that has made this possible. I believe it can open any door, whether that is to a new job or a new sector (I have worked in practice, financial services, fashion, graphic design, hospitality as well as aviation), or a working visa to a new country.

Becoming an ACCA Bristol network panel member has challenged me to build on my networking skills. It has also widened my business knowledge through sharing experiences with other ACCA members and members of the local business community.

If I had law-making powers, I would increase the availability of apprenticeships for young people. I have had the pleasure of supporting a finance team member through the ACCA apprenticeship. This path makes the ACCA Qualification possible for whoever wishes to work hard and focus on their career while gaining relevant work experience.

Continuous learning ensures that you have the relevant skills to address business needs. The profession is continually changing mainly due to new technology, which is steering accountants away from number crunching and towards strategic decision-making.

My next step is to gain fellowship and work towards becoming a CFO. I am constantly learning from my peers, gaining as much knowledge as I can every day.