I am working for TikTok and very proud because I have finally found a company whose mission is totally aligned with my life, having fun and stimulating creativity. I have been working in the tech industry for the past three years and it is where I’m comfortable. The main reason is that all those companies are driven by automation, and I truly believe that automation is the future.

I’m currently part of the global revenue team and my role is focused on analysing our European revenue, mainly for the Italian and Spanish market. I collect data, analyse trends, provide reports to management in term of bad debts provision, collection activities and managing our risk. We are responsible for assessing the risk of new clients at the onboarding stage and engage with different teams to approve credit lines to our clients.

I missed my family, my brother and my dog a lot, every single day, but the UK has given me so much back

What I enjoy most about my job is the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world on a daily basis. It is very important today to embrace diversity and develop your inclusiveness skills. We are all humans and part of the same amazing little world.

I think my analytical approach to life is what inspired me to become an accountant. I’m always curious to understand why something is happening and the consequences of one choice instead of another. This is exactly what an accountant does.

If you were to ask my parents and my friends, they would say my tenacity is what makes me unique. I left my country, Italy, alone and without support at the age of 26, just after my master’s degree. I felt alone, but I never doubted it was the right decision. I missed my family, my brother and my dog a lot, every single day, but the UK has given me so much back.

I think that communication, courage and analytical skills are essential for the development of our profession. Communication because we will need to deliver and explain our findings, which sometimes will be unexpected. Courage because we make decisions based on uncertain future events. And analytical skills because we need to be able to analyse data and understand trends.

The overall ACCA journey has taught me the importance of commitment. To see results you need to work hard and commit yourself to your job and your journey. Achieving membership has given me the confidence to be proud of my career and the fact that my skills are now recognised more widely. My next goal will be taking the lead of my team, though I’m not sure how long that will take.