I have felt comfortable with numbers from my early life, a time that coincided with a rather turbulent economic period for Bulgaria. I was looking for a broader context, aiming to understand the bigger picture which, to a great extent, predetermined my future interest in the profession.

I started working at Deloitte when I was 22; I spent six years there and I still think that’s the best decision I could have made. I then moved to Ingram Micro and led the finance and accounting team of its French business unit.

I’ve been at AXSMarine for three years and I’m sure this is the right place for me to combine my accounting knowledge and people management abilities with my passion for applying the technical skills of business intelligence.

I have frequently stepped out of my comfort zones and have no regrets about any of the decisions I’ve taken

I have never considered influence as an external factor, as I have always been driven by my own eagerness for progress, both personally and professionally. However, the support of my loved ones has always been fundamental to my journey.

Choosing to work in a corporate role rather than in a practice was not a hard decision to make. I believe that as an external consultant you cannot sustainably deliver the same value as a seasoned professional who is part of that business. Therefore, the real question was about the right timing to do that and on my personal account, that was when the learning curve became flat, and my development had started to stagnate.

It is natural for anyone to be looking for comfort zones, both personally and professionally. We identify these with stability and safety. For myself, it is a only matter of time before I start to feel uncomfortable in old comfort zones, so I needed to make a move, grab a challenge and expose myself to risks. Therefore, I have frequently stepped out of my comfort zones and have no regrets about any of the decisions I’ve taken.

I have always been thrilled with how the touch of technology makes whole businesses and professions shift. Years ago, I realised the need for much broader technical capabilities and skills development in accounting; consequently, I grew passionate about exceeding in terms of technical solutions within our profession.

AXSMarine is a pioneer in delivering online high-end software-as-a-service solutions that are among the most mature and comprehensive in the market. So, joining a company like that, you would expect to find a data-driven culture and fast-pace change management, accompanied by a well-structured code of conduct and that is what I found.

What I most enjoy is that by securing the finance position I am presented with the chance to bring the figures to the next level. Combining accounting, business intelligence and data analysis proficiency, my role becomes a vital one for strategy decisions that go beyond regular reporting.

My biggest achievement is that I have always been able to manage a healthy work-life balance. I believe that good mental health is impossible to achieve without a physically active lifestyle. I enjoy practising a variety of sports: hiking, skiing, football, tennis – even yoga. I also enjoy cooking and reading, and I’m keen on traveling.

I have never thought about what I would have been had I not devoted myself to this professional area. Perhaps I would have run a family-owned restaurant.