I was inspired to become an accountant by my father. He worked as a regional manager for the State Fishing Corporation in Ghana, starting out as an accounts officer.

I began my own career as a financial accountant with Hyspec. Since then I have worked in various finance roles in Ghana and the UK for over 18 years. I have always enjoyed solving problems with figures and giving guidance on cost optimisation while maximising business values.

A career in the corporate sector puts one at the forefront of the action. It gives you the opportunity to have a direct impact on a business’s strategic decision-making. In corporate roles I have worked as a senior finance officer for a non-profit organisation, and finance manager for LaGray Chemical and Spidersat Communications. I’ve also been general manager for Metro TV, head of finance for Global Village Media Group, analyst at Baker Hughes (Ghana), and CFO for tech company Africa Internet Group.

The pandemic has helped to drive innovation and process improvement

Making a move from the private to the public sector was the greatest career risk I have ever taken. The associated uncertainties and fear of the unknown are considerable. However, it has been good so far. I’ve been in the public sector for six years now – in public financial management, donor fund management and accountability.

Covid-19 has brought new challenges to the University of Ghana. Fee income from students has been affected due to a drastic reduction in international student numbers. However, the pandemic has helped to drive innovation and process improvement such as IT infrastructure to facilitate remote lecturing and learning.

If I had law-making powers, I would change article 243 of the Ghana constitution. The article empowers the president to appoint all 275 district chief executives in the country. In most cases, this results in square pegs in round holes. The DCE position should be elected by universal adult suffrage.

I enjoy the opportunity to share ideas and impart knowledge to my team and clients. I gain satisfaction from using my analytical knowledge and expertise in financial management to ensure the overall financial soundness of the institution. My work entails frequent visits to the university’s three agricultural research centres, located outside of Accra, to monitor compliance with our financial regulations. I enjoy organising training sections for the team to build up their capacity for the challenges associated with our work.

Gaining the ACCA Qualification and subsequently becoming an FCCA has been the greatest achievement in my life. It has provided me with unlimited opportunities for professional development. I’m proud of leading a team to revise the entire university’s financial regulations and governance policy in compliance with the Public Financial Management Act.

What would I be if I had not become an accountant? Probably a banker.

Outside of work I am passionate about helping the less fortunate in society. I have sponsored three people through vocational institutions, and another is currently studying at the University of Ghana. I love to give to charities working with children. Most importantly, I enjoy spending quality time with my family.