This month, we talk with Andrea Ragoo, who is bringing CFO-level expertise to SMEs through her consultancy ATR Business Solutions in Trinidad and Tobago. She had once been asked about her long-term career objectives and admitted that, ultimately, her goal was to work for herself – a dream comes true.

We also hear how the looming slowdown could impact corporate profits in the US and Europe. So far, US corporates are proving resilient, but time will tell as they pass rising costs on to consumers.

At the same time, the US’s rather inappropriately named Inflation Reduction Act could unleash a raft of green legislation, including a corporate alternative minimum tax that sets a minimum 15% levy on US companies with net profits over US$1bn.

Meanwhile, just as the marathon runners finish their lap of London landmarks, we learn about the financing deals behind other major city marathons in Europe and America; it turns out that long-distance running can really pay.

In other news, you probably knew this already, but people in key developing countries around the world trust professional tax accountants more than any other group associated with the gathering and use of tax revenue. But don’t put your feet up yet: during roundtable discussions, concerns were raised that accountants could help taxpayers ‘avoid or evade’ their obligations.

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