The main concern affecting finance professionals in the public sector is how the pressure on public finances, coupled with rapidly rising inflation globally, is limiting their ability to respond to demand for salary increases.

According to the responses from the 587 finance professionals to a recent ACCA survey, inflation is more of a concern for them than the average across all sectors.

Back to the office

Another key trend among public sector finance professionals is the return to the workplace. The public sector had the lowest proportion of workers who are either hybrid working or fully working at home or remotely.

Better mental health

Stress and mental-health concerns across the workforce, in particular among younger respondents, were evident in all sectors but the public sector appeared to be suffering less than others. A total of 58% of respondents agreed that ‘My mental health suffers because of work pressures', which was lower than the average across all sectors but still of significant concern.

On the move

Among those considering moves in the public sector, 42% anticipate an internal shift and 49% an external one. The proportion of public sector respondents planning internal moves was higher than the average of across all sectors, but lower for external moves.

However, the proportion intending to move sector was higher among public sector respondents than others.

Attractive sector

Interestingly, the public sector polled well compared with other sectors in terms of the key benefits of a career in accountancy.

More information

Read the public sector findings in Global Talent Trends 2023: Public Sector and coverage of the cross-sector findings in the AB article, ‘Talent trends for finance professionals