For Katarina Kaszasová FCCA, the invasion of Ukraine was, as for many in Slovakia, both a chilling and poignant reminder of the country’s time behind the Iron Curtain. But the head of Slovakia’s Auditing Oversight Authority remains determined to draw on her experience to drive reform while navigating the impact of war. Her story is a clear reminder of the far-reaching effects of the war: ‘It’s very sensitive, something we feel in our hearts.’

The world’s climate is never off the news agenda, and in his excellent article our columnist Alfred Romann points out that climate change is now wreaking serious damage on businesses and individuals in North America and beyond. The Canadian Climate Institute, he says, has estimated that a decade of climate change will have already taken a Can$25bn chunk out of GDP by 2025.

Differences in corporate governance regimes across Europe could be an obstacle to progress on the sustainability agenda. So finds a report from Accountancy Europe that highlights the differences in legislation across 17 countries, including at board level, in employee representation and ESG/remuneration policy. We tell the story in our feature and accompanying set of graphics

It’s often this time of year when people tend to focus on health and work/life balance. Experts tell AB that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ – that is, a measured approach to exercise and mental wellbeing will reap greater rewards. 

Finally, our organisational psychologist Dr Rob Yeung explains that playing office politics isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you can stick to your principles. Read the article and earn CPD units. 

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