My inspiration for pursuing a career in the profession was definitely my parents. Both were accountants, and I saw how they had the opportunity to be involved in a vast variety of businesses and face different challenges. It’s why I’ve never been tempted to work in the corporate world. I’ve always been fascinated by the opportunities audit offers to be constantly involved in different industries.

I started my career at a local audit firm. I wanted to excel in my role, so I completed the ACCA qualification and other certifications to keep up with the dynamic audit profession.

My biggest challenge was to transform my practice from an audit-only firm to one offering high-level advisory services. A lot of effort and investment in resources were needed to build a quality local office and establish a solid brand name in the market. When the opportunity to be part of the global BDO network in Greece came up, I was heavily involved in a variety of service lines.

Since 2015 I have been a partner in BDO Greece, and a board member. Being a successful partner entails a combination of professional knowledge, business development skills and a high level of business ethics. The audit profession is constantly changing and therefore requires a holistic and analytical approach.

What I most like about my job is the opportunity to organise my own schedule with professionalism and flexibility. I enjoy assisting clients with their challenges, but the most important part of my job is the opportunity to obtain knowledge of the different business models across a variety of industries and to be aware of the needs of my clients.

My clients are trying to achieve efficiency in cost control issues, especially with the energy crisis

The main challenges my clients face differ depending on their size and business sector. However, companies are continuously seeking high-level personnel in the field of finance, ESG and corporate governance. They are also trying to achieve efficiency in cost control issues, especially with the energy crisis.

Businesses are looking at options in terms of growth and development. Non-listed companies are especially seeking partnerships with investment firms, business angels or other companies in order to grow in a constantly changing environment.

Greece has recently passed an education law which requires teaching pupils certain skills from their very first days at school. I would like to enhance the importance and depth of this law, especially in the development of critical thinking, creativity, digital technology and life skills.

If I weren’t an accountant, I would like to pursue a career in football. When I was younger, I used to play every weekend – and still do. It remains my unsurpassed passion, although the glory days have passed! I also like to read books, especially about history, which has always greatly interested me.