I have spent the bulk of my career in public finance since graduating with a degree in accounting in 2014. My interest in the profession started in high school, where a supportive teacher encouraged me and fellow students to participate in national accounting quiz competitions, where my team won. It was then that I knew I would have a career in finance.

A career in accounting provides an opportunity to work in any industry. However, I believe that all accountants should spend some time in public sector accounting, as it exposes them to the fiscal position of the country and shows how funds are allocated across industries into the local economy. The impact and value of the public accountant has a bearing on the ultimate financial position of the country, which is itself a privilege. That said, public sector organisations can be bureaucratic with slower decision-making, which may hinder innovation and flexibility. They are also dependent on government budgets, which can result in limited financial resources and constraints on funding for projects.

If I had law-making powers I would legalise marijuana, purely for the economic benefit

I started my career at Botswana’s Competition and Consumer Authority in 2015 before moving on to Botswana Fibre Networks. I have been employed by the Botswana Gambling Authority as an accountant since 2016. The authority regulates the gambling industry to ensure it operates in a fair, responsible and sustainable manner. A key part of its remit is to maintain a responsible gambling programme focused on education and ensure the rehabilitation of problem gamblers. We also drive other initiatives like the creation of jobs, supporting youth, arts and sports programmes, and developing the local economy.

A significant challenge facing Botswana is unemployment. The economy is not growing at a rate that is able to provide employment for its citizens and improve income levels, so there are high poverty rates. However, there are opportunities in manufacturing and production. As the majority of goods and services are imported, there is an opportunity for citizens to grow the local economy by developing industries that will contribute to the country’s self-sufficiency. Botswana has a stable political environment, a relatively well-educated population, and a growing tourism industry, which could help support economic diversification and growth.

If I had law-making powers I would legalise marijuana, purely for the economic benefit. Legalising marijuana could create revenues through taxation of the production and sales, which could then be used to fund public services and infrastructure, contributing to wider economic growth. Fostering innovation and research in the marijuana industry would lead to the development of new products, technologies and treatments, creating opportunities for entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and increased growth in related fields.

I enjoy being able to communicate accounting matters to non-accountants in a non-technical manner to drive decision making

What I enjoy about my job is that the integrity and accuracy of an accountant’s work is relied upon for the decisions that drive the strategy of a business. I also enjoy being able to communicate accounting matters to non-accountants in an understandable, non-technical manner to drive decision making.

My biggest achievement has been setting up the entire finance department here at Botswana Gambling Authority, including developing a chart of accounts, finance manuals and reporting templates. Over the years I have developed leadership skills that have allowed me to move from an entry-level position to a supervisory role, while also pursuing a postgraduate master’s degree in finance.

If I was not a qualified accountant, I would be a clinical psychologist or a lawyer. These careers are both aimed at helping people, which is something I am passionate about.

In my spare time I love reading and writing novels. Some of my works can be found on @wordsandamy on Instagram.