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Sustainability special edition


Leading the way

ACCA and CA ANZ presidents explain the vital role of the profession in battling climate change

Giving green finance a lead: former Bank of England governor Mark Carney is the UN special envoy for climate action and finance

Rise to the net-zero challenge

How climate-literate accountants can help businesses make the low-carbon transition


Committing to sustainable finance

Climate goals will not be met without the buy-in from global stakeholders and private capital finance

The UK and South African foreign ministers met in May to discuss the challenges of Covid, global healthcare, climate change and aspirations for COP 26

Enter the chief value officer

For Africa and the EU to make real progress on sustainable development, new approaches are needed, including evolving the role of a CVO


Accountants fighting climate change

Six Capitals author Jane Gleeson-White and Bruce Gilkison CA say accountants can be at the forefront of environmental action

Water treatment ponds at a gas plant in Australia

Cut out the greenwash

Accountants are being asked to provide better assurance around claims that investment strategies and products are sustainable and ethical


Bringing about sustainable solutions

Akindele Phillips ACCA is helping to solve Nigeria’s food problem, caused in part by natural resource degradation


Time to push for a circular economy

With excessive consumption destroying sustainability gains, we urgently need to re-evaluate how we live and value things


The ESG opportunity for practitioners

Those clients who aren't already crying out for ESG advisory services soon will be. It's time to make the case