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September 2022 issue



Persistence pays off

Solomon Gizaw Kebede FCCA, co-founder of Ethiopian practice HST, has never been one to let a challenge derail him or his firm


September 2022 issue

In this issue…

Editor’s picks for the September edition


Audit and assurance

The view from Mohammed Tetengi Elomi FCCA

Managing partner – tax and advisory, Abdulkadeer & Co, Abuja, Nigeria




Fiscal risk takes centre stage

Multiple pressures on public spending mean it is time for governments globally to rethink reporting


Financial management and forecasting

The importance of internal controls

A review of public financial management highlights lessons to be learnt from countries with robust systems


As executive director of Dogs Trust Ireland, Becky Bristow FCCA combines accounting skills with a lifelong love of animals

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Leona Mondsee FCCA’s fascination with ‘why’ has propelled her from one innovative, fast-growing business to another

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ATR Business Solutions founder Andrea Ragoo is bringing CFO-level expertise to SMEs through her consultancy in Trinidad and Tobago

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Lafana CFO Mohsin Jalali FCCA has shifted his focus from the rear-view mirror to what’s in the business’s headlights

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